Do a Self-Growth and Be a Better Person

Self-development should not be considered trivial because the benefits are very large in your life, be it for careers, social relations, and others. Start your self-development by recognizing yourself, so you can find things that need to be improved, maintained, and that needs to be developed. There are several ways you can do to self growth.

– Change appearance
Appearance is very important because it shows your development. Of course, through solid matching clothes that you will wear every day. When at home with work, certainly different appearance. You should also try to combine superiors and subordinates appropriately, don’t crash. The way you dress can be one of the points that hinder your self-development so far, especially if you are accustomed to being untidy. There are many conditions where you have to look clean and neat so that your aura and confidence radiate. Make sure you understand this well and start changing how you dress for the better.

– Focus on your abilities
No need to bother doing personal development. Just focus on your abilities in anything, including work. If you have the advantage of writing, for example, keep digging about writing. That way, you can grow and get the best achievement in your life. Focusing on abilities and strengths will make you more confident and will leave negative things that have been your weak points.

– Maintain good relations
Personal development can be done with the support of family, friends and other close relatives. Therefore, it is important to maintain relationships with those who always love you. Establish relationships with people who have a vision and mission, positive thinking will have extraordinary positive effects on your life.

– Positive thinking
You may experience disappointment and failure in your personal or professional life. Don’t be sad or decide to give up. Think positive about these two things. How? Accept these disappointments and failures and make them important lessons for better progress. Thus, your mentality does not deteriorate.

– Do meditation
You can also do meditation, which is the concentration of thoughts and feelings to achieve something. You can do this activity in a quiet place for 5-30 minutes every day. Several studies have shown that meditation is beneficial for one’s mental health. A study found that people who practiced meditation for 6 weeks were not rigid in their thinking. Another example, a study conducted in 2010 of US soldiers ready to fight showed that soldiers who practiced meditation for 8 weeks became calmer and had higher awareness.